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Personal Fitness

60 minutes | 90 minutes

60 Minutes: 10-15 minutes pre-event massage, 30-40 minutes exercise, 10-15 minutes post-event massage.

90 Minutes: 15-20 minutes pre-event massage, 50-60 minutes exercise, 15-20 minutes post-event massage.

This is a fitness session that incorporates massage. The exercises are to increase overall fitness, which includes strength, power, flexibility, balance, endurance and cardio. The massages are performed before and after the exercises. Before exercises, the massage release some muscle tension in order to reduce pain and increase range of motion, which help decrease the chance of injury and increase performance. After exercises, the massage release some muscle tension built up during exercises, increase flexibility and shorten recovery time.

Mixed Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes | 90 minutes

This is a outcome based massage. I communicate with my clients and assess when necessary. I assess before and after massage sessions. I keep track of how clients' body respond to the massage. I use variety techniques whichever that can best deliver results according to the client's condition. My main focuses include improve chronic orthopedic condition, injury recovery, reduce pain due to muscle tension, increase range of motion, reduce recovery time and soreness after exercises, and increase body awareness.

Payment Methods

Cash, Venmo 

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